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How to help your pet alleviate joint pain with SierraSil!

How I improved my dog’s quality of life by alleviating his chronic joint pain!

If you have ever been a dog or cat owner, there are few things comparable to the joy you get from their companionship. They can quickly become a part of the family. At the same time, there is also nothing worse than if something happens to them such as if they come up lame.

For many years I was very fortunate to have had a Briard, a wonderful and ancient French herding dog. I had named him “Gratch”, after a dragon character in a great sci-fi book by Terry Goodkind, called the Wizard’s First Rule.
Gratch was an amazing dog. He was extremely intelligent and a joy to be around and added a lot to my life. While the picture above may indicate he was high maintenance, he was anything but. He gave far more than he took.
Sadly, as he got older he developed some physical issues which resulted in him having a much harder time walking and especially running. Over time, it became clear that it was painful for him to get around, and in many cases, to even get up.

How to alleviate joint pain for my pet?

On one of his bad days, I remembered a book that I had read many years ago that had a story about dogs and joint pain. The book focused on a mineral supplement that had been discovered almost by accident by a geologist.

The geologist had been up high in the Sierra Madre mountains exploring for gold when one of his dogs came up lame. He had noticed that wild animals had focused on a mineral deposit and decided to give some to his dog. In a relatively short period, his dog had amazing results and regained its mobility.
Over the years, and after considerable research, a company from Vancouver, British Columbia acquired the mineral deposit. SierraSil underwent considerable clinical testing that led to it being marketed under the trade name of “SierraSil”. SierraSil is an all-natural supplement that works well with inflammation and joint pain.
Remembering this, I bought a bottle of SierraSil.

I took three capsules and took them apart, and put the contents into his food. I am very happy to say that within a very short period, Gratch regained his mobility and was able to run again. He would go on to live another three years with minimal pain.

This little supplement changed Gratch’s life for the better, and mine as well!

alleviate joint pain

In the following years, I was able to help friends in pain by sharing my story. Eventually, I also became a devotee, when, after reaching my 60’s, my back started to hurt and it made my life more difficult. I too, incorporated SierraSil into my own regime.
I would like to add that personally, I went through a short learning curve which required that I follow the suggestions from the company: Take 3 capsules, first thing before other foods, etc., and drink lots of water to help flush out toxins. Also, if you are over 175 lbs, (which I am) take 4 or 5 capsules.
For me, SierraSil proved itself repeatedly and has improved the quality of my life, my friends, and even my dog, who started this whole process.

To you Gratch, once again, I am so, so grateful buddy.

This is a product we can easily stand behind, even for just what happened for my dog!