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Can you make money with Merlin Holmes’ “Fast Tracks” program?

Over the past year or so, more people than ever before have headed online to try their hand at internet marketing to make money. Yes, there is a lot to learn and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. One way to speed up your success is to a quick head start by teaming up with someone with a proven track record. One Peron who has had long-term success online is Merlin Holmes. Is Merlin and the program, “fast Tracks” the right place for you to go?

With the loss of thousands of jobs because of the pandemic and the ever-increasing inflation rate, an online income stream is no longer something that’s nice to have… but is fast becoming a necessity to millions of people.

Here’s the problem…

With billions of people online, the potential client list has never been larger. But what is the right product and who do you sell it to? Also, how do you target the right customer with the right product so that you don’t waste money while you get going? Maybe having a mentor in the early stages especially could save you time and money overall.

Making Money Online can be Challanging

Most people don’t even know where to start their online journey. I know, that I felt overwhelmed with all of the options when I looked at heading in this direction.

There are so many “Guru’s out there professing instant wealth if you follow their path. Unfortunately, there is no way of verifying in advance if they know what they are talking about. As a result, this process can be both confusing and defeating. You will likely find yourself continually asking: “Am I merely throwing away money? Unfortunately, for many, this could be the difference between eating or paying the rent or not. There can be lots of stress with taking this leap of faith.

With so many different business models available and countless hyped-up over over-hyped products that will likely deliver nothing, it’s easy to lose all of your hard-earned money when you are simply trying to learn how to generate an income online. This is even more important in today’s marketplace, especially with the current pandemic.

Enter Merlin Holmes and “Fast Tracks”

Over the past couple of years, Merlin Holmes’ course has skyrocketed in popularity and has created many successful online marketers. Basically, Merlin teaches affiliate marketing, focusing on a more cost-effective and ‘easier’ method of earning money online.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this course…

The Good Points:

  1. A good thing is that Merlin HOlmes is an experienced marketer with over 15 years of “in the trenches” experience. The fact that this product has been a bestseller for a number of years is solid proof of his credibility and knowledge.
  2. The official site has numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. When choosing an online course, it’s always good to pick one that has lots of social proof. The Fast Tracks program has lots of it. So if others are making it work for them, you can too.
  3. The training is detailed and easy to follow. More importantly, the business model is simple. It’s just a 3-step formula.

You’ll be creating a poll with a few essential pages. You’ll drive traffic to these pages, build a list and convert them into sales.

Unlike many online marketing products which are just ridiculous and nothing more than untested theory, the model in The Fast Tracks works. It’s proven and it’s scalable. Once you master it, the sky is the limit.

Merlin Holmes at Work
  • This course is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can always get a refund. This is a zero-risk investment for you.
  • Quite frankly, there’s only so much we can say about this course because it has to be applied before you can see results. Is it proven to work? Yes.

Is it an online bestseller? Yes.

Is Merlin qualified?  Yes.

Is it a risk-free purchase? Yes.

Does the method work? A definite yes.

So, it checks off all the necessary boxes. The sales page itself is skimpy on details. You’ll understand much more when you watch the free webinar. So, sign up for it and get the inside scoop.

There’s just too much to tell you in a written review. But from what we’ve seen, this is a solid online marketing training that will help you, if you decide to go with affiliate marketing.


  1. The product is pricey and may be out of the range of the people who need it the most. The webinar is not live. Making it appear like it is doesn’t exactly inspire trust in potential customers.
  2. We weren’t too pleased about having to sit through a webinar that seemed to go on and on. A text transcript of the video would have made for a better buying experience.

Should You Get It?

First, you can watch their video to get more information, click on the link below. This may help you to make a better-informed decision, you can also CLICK HERE

It depends on whether you wish to make money online with affiliate marketing or not. If you prefer methods such as eCommerce, arbitrage, Kindle publishing and so on, this product is not for you.

However, if you like the idea of making commissions without having to create your own products and you think affiliate marketing is for you, this course can help you.

While you won’t earn 1k a day right off the bat, it does provide a solid grounding on the fundamentals and will show exactly what you need to do to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Give it a try and you’ll probably be able to earn an impressive online income in a couple of months.


Over the past couple of years, Merlin Holmes’ Fast Tracks course has skyrocketed in popularity and has created many successful online marketers. He teaches affiliate marketing and it’s one of the more cost-effective and ‘easier’ methods of earning money online. The Fast Tracks course is offered by Merlin Holmes, who has a long history of success online and should speed up your learning curve considerably. With the proven track record and a money-back guarantee, it could be a good path to success and so so relatively quickly – if you put in the work.

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