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Is Clickbank for you?

If you are reading this article, you’re probably looking at or are already involved with making money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process where a third party (you) recommends somebody else’s product to potential customers. By doing this, you will receive a commission if someone buys the product. There are a number of platforms that offer products and one of these is Clickbank. The question is: Is Clickbank for You or for Beginners?

One of the big things about affiliate marketing is finding the right company/product to represent. The good news is that many companies offer affiliate marketing programs. This even includes industry leaders like Amazon and Walmart, who have massive operations but still offer affiliate programs. An advantage of selling Amazon products is that they are very well trusted, making it much easier to convert visitors into customers. 

Recommending products sold on Amazon through their affiliate program is all right. The bad news is that their commission rate is virtually nothing. The good news is that people who go to Amazon will generally buy something, so at least you’ll make a commission. Unfortunately, you will find that most other products not offered by the likes of Amazon will have much lower closure rates. 

The ClickBank (Affiliate) Platform

If you have been reviewing affiliate marketing for a while, you will understand that one of the more well-known providers of affiliate products is 

ClickBank is one of the world’s longest established and best digital marketplaces available to affiliate marketers. Over the years, ClickBank

has helped many of its users achieve terrific financial and life success levels. 

ClickBank History 

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform that started back in 1998 and operates globally. While ClickBank has many competitors, such as JV Zoo, it is still very popular with affiliate marketers today. 

Now almost 25 years since it launched, years later, marketers are still trying to sell/promote products offered on the ClickBank. Due to the growth in affiliate marketing, this trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon. 

If you’re using the ClickBank platform to make money, you need to determine whether it’s the right venue for you. 

Is ClickBank past its prime, and you should look elsewhere to make revenue.

To help you make a better business decision, it will help you if you review the ClickBank opportunity methodically. To do this effectively, you should review the pros and cons of joining the ClickBank affiliate program before you go forward. 

To help you decide, we have listed a number of the pros and cons in this post.

The Pros for Joining the ClickBank Platform

Click Bank is Well Known and Accepted in the Affiliate Marketplace

The great news is that ClickBank is a well-known and well well-accepted platform. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of primarily digital products available for instant download. 

As mentioned above, ClickBank has been around for close to 25 years. Their long-term success should help give you comfort that you’re not going to put the effort in, and it’s just going to disappear overnight. Unfortunately, there are many stories of affiliate marketers investing energy into various platforms that have suddenly closed without paying their obligations to affiliate marketers.

In its favor, to the best of this writer’s knowledge, ClickBank has never missed a payout in almost 25 years. Knowing this should help to give you a great deal of comfort that you will do the work and get paid! The hardest part will be deciding how you want to be paid, i.e., by checks, direct deposit, or wire payments.

ClickBank offers a variety of products in many different fields.

The good news is that most products on ClickBank are available digitally. By providing a digital product, the customer can get their product instantly. Quick delivery means you get paid relatively quickly. 

Physical Products  


A good update is that ClickBank has recently started allowing physical products such as health supplements, etc., on their platform. Adding physical products has helped both vendors and affiliates considerably by providing new ways to make money. 

Availability of Much Higher Comissions

As I mentioned above, companies like Amazon offer their affiliates a dismal commission of less than 5%. In contrast, affiliates using the ClickBank platform can receive commissions of 50 to even 100% of the sale price. Also, many products offered on ClickBank sell for considerably higher prices. You can have a $1000 sale instead of a $10 deal on Amazon. 

These higher selling prices of products offered on ClickBank help provide greater returns for marketers. It’s more work selling digital products, but the rewards can be more significant. 

ClickBank’s Low Barriers to Entry (Signing Up)

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to become an affiliate on ClickBank for the most part. The first thing you will need to do is create an account. 

By getting an account, you will have access to two things you need: access to the products and the affiliate link called a “hoplink” (affiliate links) which you include in your various advertising methods. For the most part, creating an account can be done quickly. And, if you already have an email list, you could be presenting and selling products to potential customers quite rapidly. 

ClickBank is Convenient and Easy to Use

A significant advantage of marketing ClickBank products is that they are easy to use. As a result, loads of affiliates gravitate to the ClickBank platform. ClickBank quickly tracks all sales to completion. In the process, it monitors refunds and chargebacks and then sends you your commissions rapidly. 

For the most part, this is an easy process for you, the affiliate. This allows you to focus your energy on your contributions, making you money- marketing and promotions.

ClickBank will also provide you with support statistics, such as how much you earn per sale, your conversion rates, how well the product is selling, something ClickBank refers to as “gravity.” They also track subsequent sales or recurring billing from “refills,” etc. The advantage is that with these readily available statistics, you’ll be able to ascertain if a product is worth promoting or continuing to promote or not.

My Friend, Please Do your Homework!

As an affiliate, you’ll need to have a keen eye and thoroughly review the products you are looking at selling. In a perfect world, it will help you if you purchase the product yourself before promoting it. This way, you will be able to understand the sales process, review product quality, and promote the product more convincingly. 

The Cons of Signing on With ClickBank

Lots of Potential Competition

Do remember that with lower barriers of entry comes increased competition. Many products, especially those with a high gravity number, can have many other sellers marketing the product. As a result, potential customers may see the products from more than one potential seller.

Vendor Approval

Some of the more popular products may require vendor approval. In this case, you will need to contact the vendor and tell them why and how you wish to promote their products. Not all sellers are approved. 

You may find a product you want to sell but are unable to as a result. 

Not All Products Are Worth Selling. 

It’s also important to know that not all products are of similar quality on ClickBank. Yes, there are many excellent products available. At the same time, many of their products are not so good. 

This variation in product quality should be expected as ClickBank has thousands of listed products on its platform. (This quality problem could likely be alleviated if Clickbank had a better vetting process.)

It’s not uncommon to find products that make bold claims they can not meet. The vendor’s sales process focuses on getting customers to part with their money while delivering a product/s that doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Limited Seach Capabilities

One downside to the Clickbank platform is that their “search” feature could be significantly improved. You will discover that navigating through the various categories and their products can be time-consuming and even frustrating. 

Customers of digital products may need more hand-holding

Promoting digital products is also more difficult as a potential customer will generally require more convincing. The ClickBank vendors and their products lack the reputation of sellers such as Amazon. 

You’ll need to create a landing page with a solid page builder, add potential customers to your email list and send them email campaigns that can include as many as ten emails in the sequence to get a customer to commit. 

Serial Refunders

As part of the platform, all products on ClickBank need to have a money-back guarantee. While this helps improve conversions, it also means that people who want something for nothing will purchase the product and request a refund without missing a beat.

Since the products are often digital in nature, it’s easier for them because they don’t (and can’t) need to return the product. As an affiliate, your commissions may decrease due to chargebacks and refunds.


ClickBank measures how well a product is selling and race it under what is known as “gravity.” Many sellers look for products with high gravity looking for products in high demand. 

The affiliate marketer’s downside here is that the ClickBank “gravity’ statistics may be slightly misleading. Often affiliates, especially new ones, focus on promoting only products with a high gravity score. They often fail to realize that they will be up against considerable competition while promoting these top sellers.

An alternative is to look for products lower down with a lower gravity score. While it may be easy to ignore these, it’s essential to realize that at one point, they may have been top sellers and may still have high interest in the marketplace.

A lower gravity score can mean that most affiliates have moved on to the new shiny toy on the block. It is essential to understand why the gravity ranking has fallen. It may not be about the product itself. It could simply be that fewer affiliates are promoting the product.

These once’ top sellers’ may still have considerable viability. You could have a significant advantage in that there will be less competition. It’s important to research potential products you wish to sell and review them on more than just “gravity.” 

Product Quality

A complaint is that there is inconsistent quality with ClickBank products. 

Before you decide to promote her product remember that it is equally your reputation on the line. 

Review potential products you wish to sell in as many locations as possible to find out if it’s something you want to put your name behind. After all, if you sell a product to your customers and they find it to be subpar and then ask for their money back, it’s you that they will remember!

ClickBank Fees

The main issue with fees, for the most part, relates to beginners. If you are a successful affiliate marketer, the costs are not an issue as you will have enough transactions in your account for Clickbank to make money. 

However, if you’re starting out and only making an occasional sale, you may end up paying ClickBank more than you’re taking in. Clickbank takes this money as an offset to maintain your account. 

It’s important to realize that even if you have a positive balance in your account, You need to make sales! Please understand that if your account lays dormant for more than 90 days, ClickBank will deem your account inactive and deduct $1 every day. Eventually, this changes to $5 per pay period and goes up to as high as $50.

This payment process can mean that when you’re starting, while you may have initial commissions, ClickBank itself may clean out your account balance. 

As a result, you will want to become a proficient affiliate ASAP as it can become heartbreaking to finally make a sale, only to see ClickBank take it all. 

Read Clickbanks Terms of Service

It’s essential you understand what you’re getting into by reading ClickBank’s terms of service, which you can find HERE:


Should you become a ClickBank affiliate?

If you are serious about making money as an affiliate, using the ClickBank platform is an excellent option. A couple of simple motivators are that: there are many products, and their commission rate is well above most vendors.

Physical products and digital products are not mutually exclusive. You can promote both of them on your niche sites, YouTube channels, Instagram etc. 

Sign up for a ClickBank account and master affiliate marketing today if that sounds awesome. You can find ClickBank HERE

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